Roman Sound is a music production company.


We specialise in recording on location, with additional tracking and all post-production work performed in our London, UK - based studio space.


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Our recording rig is specifically designed for working on location. Projects can be set up as dedicated recording sessions, capture of live performance(s) in front of an audience - or a mix of both.


We will travel and set up all required equipment at a location of your choice. We are happy to offer advice and work with you to choose a venue appropriate to your project. 

Having trained with some of the best classical music engineers in the business, we have experience of how to achieve a great sound for a variety of ensembles and make the best use of the available acoustics. 


This service all covers post-session work, including noise removal / audio repair, editing of multi-tracks, mix balancing and mastering.

In most cases, problematic levels of background rumble, clicks, coughs, emergency services sirens or enthusiastic audiences can be reduced significantly or even removed completely.

During mixing and mastering, we use a mix of classic analog hardware and state-of-the-art software, careful technical skills and lots of patience to achieve the best possible results. 



At our London-based studio, we can record professional quality vocal and voice-over tracks, which can be tailored to suit any project requirements. 


Our studio space is also well-equipped for overdubbing and recording instruments such as acoustic/electric guitars, bass and keyboards.

A vintage Neumann U87 is our usual vocal mic, with Shure SM7B, Gefell M930 and AKG C414 also available.


With experience on Soundcraft, Allen + Heath and Yamaha digital consoles, we can provide Live Sound engineering services for clubs and indoor venues.

We can also offer multi-track recording of amplified concerts, by taking analog inserts directly from the mixing desk and recording these via top-end analog to digital converters (or just taking the digital output from the desk, if available / preferred).


These can be augmented by our additional room microphones to capture the venue / audience sounds.



Clients are directly responsible for all costs associated with external suppliers, such piano tuning, instrument transportation, venue hire and / or cancellations of any such services. Clients hiring equipment are solely responsible for its security or insurance.

Mixing and editing work is charged separately from recording / tracking, unless explicitly agreed with the client.

​All costs are exclusive of the following (where applicable):

Venue hire, specified additional crew, instrument / equipment hire, travel over 150 miles (round trip), accommodation, taxes. 


25% of fee is payable upfront to secure the booking (this excludes any third party costs, e.g. venue hire or piano tuning). 


Full payment is due within 30 days invoice issue date.

All media and intellectual property from the recording sessions remain the property of Roman Sound until paid for in full. 

High quality mp3 versions will be provided for balance and edit referencing throughout the project. Final, production-ready files (WAV,  or other formats) will be provided upon final payment.


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