Roman Sound is the creative venture of sound engineer Roman Subbotin.


We specialise in location recording - in other words - going out to record at a place of the artist's choice. In doing so, we provide and set up all required equipment, and carefully capture the desired atmosphere and ambience, whilst overcoming technological or acoustical challenges.

We record and edit both classical music (orchestral/chamber/opera) and contemporary musical styles (jazz/blues/rock/metal/etc). We believe that a versatile, adaptive approach is the best way to combine techniques old and new.

We always start by getting the sound right via careful microphone placement and appropriate choices of recording equipment.

All post-production work (editing, noise removal, mixing and mastering) is done as naturally as possible, to help achieve the Artist's goals.


At all times, the Production must serve the Music.

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Roman has more than 15 years of live music and recording studio experience. Prior to specialising in music production, he recorded three albums as a guitarist, toured across more than 20 countries (once supporting Iron Maiden, and playing in front of 20,000 people), had various music equipment endorsements, studied operatic vocal technique, and also worked as an actuarial consultant.


Roman got his start in the recording industry by apprenticing and assisting on sessions with legendary team of  sound engineer Simon Eadon and producer Andrew Keener (whose combined credits include Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, Hyperion, Naxos, Nimbus, Sony and others). He also worked with classical engineer Dave Rowell, producer Phil Rowlands, and studied with contemporary live sound & mastering engineer Kostas Iatrelis.


In the past, Roman had been the resident recording engineer for the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of London (PCOL), and did the Front of House (FOH) live sound at The Blues Kitchen in Camden, London.